Bluestag coaching ltd


Having worked on the brand positioning for my coaching practice, and distilled the essence as ‘energy and focus from within’, the next milestone was landing the company name. I wanted something that evoked the essence; had fortitude and performance; had a ring to it; was ownable as a brand; was visually striking; and caused a reaction in people.

The discounted short list included: deepblue, origin, and indigo. But I’ve settled on Bluestag coaching.

The stag is proud and strong without being aggressive, he is comfortable in isolation and has everything he needs to master his environment. He is authentic and very British. The deep blue of the oceans are calm but teeming with life, and as a primary colour it doesn’t require any mixing – it just is itself. Together the words create a striking visual image which conjur up an ownable identity.

In research, Bluestag was both the most liked of the shortlist, and the most disliked, and was the one that, by far, generated the most discussion.

Somehow it seems to fit with my personality, so I’m pleased.


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